Moving offices should, in theory, be a positive thing. You might get more space and better facilities, or even less space which better suits your needs.

Just like moving house though, moving offices can be very stressful and time-consuming. According to a new survey 70% of office managers would rather put it off altogether and tolerate the pain of staying put in old premises.

It’s easy to understand why businesses do put off having to move when you consider the potential downtime they may experience, resulting in missed enquiries, unanswered emails and low levels of staff productivity.

Amongst the different things you have to consider, moving your IT systems to a new premises doesn’t have to be difficult.

With the right back up, data storage and telephony in place, you can make your move seamless and hassle free, having your internet and telephone connections up and running as soon as you move in. This means less downtime and less calls and emails missed.

If you are planning a move this year, get in touch with us today so we can help you get ready for a seamless and stress-free move.