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It’s imperative to protect your business from a telephony outage. If you don’t take preventative action, you could suffer damage to your reputation and loss of business.
TecSec provides the solution with our Telephony Continuity packages. Available as a hosted or on-site service, telephony continuity will keep your company running close to full capacity if an outage occurs. You will receive calls that would otherwise go unanswered in the case of a disaster event.

Features of our Telephony:

If you are moving into a new office, we will set up the phones, so that you can work as soon as you move in.

Extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.

Provide you with Full support and Telephony Continuity in case you are unable to access your office.

Re-route any calls to back-up sites.

Provide you with duplicate numbers.

Benefits of using our VOIP Telephony:

Allows for flexible working, whether you are working from home or the office, by using our phone system there will be no downtime or affect your productivity.

We will supply you with everything you will need from handsets, to network access, to training and on-site installation. We will supply it all.

We will provide you with full support and telephony continuity, with the ability to re-route calls to a backup site in seconds.

“TecSec ensured our office move was seamless, with internet and telecoms set up before we moved in and no down time at all – which is essential for business efficiency.”

Linda Cook, Tech Dept
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