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“Let TecSec be your shield, protect your IT and achieve regulatory compliance through our audited Risk Management.”

Audit Fix  Protect.


ReliableProviding quality services and equipment, setup using industry best practices, monitored and maintained by trained engineers; we aim to provide you with reliable and trouble free IT. Our holistic approach builds in reliability by having a single provider overseeing all aspects of your business IT.

Secure – All work we undertake is done within the Cyber Essentials Assurance Framework allowing you to achieve CE Certification through TecSec to demonstrate to customers, investors and insurers that your business takes Cyber Security seriously. Go further with Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Gold.

CompliantWith experience working with organisations in regulated industries we can help with the complexities of delivering IT in line with your internal processes. 

Backed by our 1 hour promiseFor clients taking a premium package with us, we will promise that you will never be denied access to your data, no matter what, for longer than 1 hour.

How can TecSec Services Ltd help you?

 Our Services:

Risk Management

Risk Management is the responsibility of every business and a critical part of complying with the DPA and GDPR. TecSec can conduct independent auditing and provide remedial action to help you comply.

Providing your organisation with a Risk Management Framework that is based around the internationally recognised ISO 27001 standard and helping you to protect your data and that of your clients and contacts.

We have been delivering Security Led IT Services to organisations like yours in Regulated Industries, for over 12 years.

  • The risks posed to organisations today are constantly changing and evolving and predominantly look to exploit vulnerabilities and oversights not only in network security but also in the practices and procedures employed.
  • By assessing your organisation in a structured and methodical manner, many if not all the risks identified can be managed to help to negate or minimise the impact of those threats. A properly structured approach will not only minimise the threat impact but will permit you to maximise on your potential.
  • We work with organisations to understand your current levels of security, we then analyse and address the risks to help you to achieve compliance and demonstrate that you take your responsibilities seriously. All risk management should be proportionate to the organisation, the complexity, and to the data held by the organisation in order to provide an integrated approach to managing the risk across the organisation and its associated networks.

Caught in the crosshairs


Find out how Cyber Essentials can help prevent Data theft.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is at the heart of everything we do.

We are proud to say that no client under our care has ever lost any data to Malware. 

Cyber criminals employ many advanced techniques to gain access to your networks and to make sure they stay undetected. This means that can they can sneak into a business network and have access to, and/or steal, data which they may hold for ransom.

Once they have breached your security they may sell on the details or they may release a malware onto the compromised system. Because the malware that cyber criminals use is constantly evolving, new variants often won’t be detected by traditional anti-virus software.

   What we offer:

  • Anti-malware software- This software will prevent malware from attacking your systems.
  • Cyber Essentials- Requires the organisation to complete a self-assessment questionnaire, with responses independently reviewed by an external certifying body.
  • Cyber Essentials plus- This covers the same requirements as Cyber Essentials but tests of the systems are carried out by an external certifying body, using a range of tools and techniques.

  Key Benefits of managing Cyber Security:

  • Protects your organisation against common cyber threats.
  • Shows your customers you take this issue seriously.
  • Enables you to bid for Government contracts.
  • Protection of your data and network from unauthorised vectors
  • Better ability to have effective Business Continuity
  • Faster recovery in the event of a breach and better management of any breach
  • Information security by design
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders your commitment to security and increase their confidence in you

TecSec offers full consultancy to provide in-depth security knowledge and assessment services that are required to become Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.

For more information on the Cyber Essentials schemes we offer click here.


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into effect on 25 May 2018 and that means that your organisation should be prepared and have everything in place to ensure that you are compliant by then.

Understanding fully, implementing procedures and working in a manner that is compliant is a daunting prospect for most organisations and that is where we can help.

  • Within our organisation we have staff that have undertaken and passed GCHQ Certified Training in the assessing of the GDPR as part of Information Assurance Standards.
  • Working with you to understand your organisation, the data you hold and the threats to that data with the potential impact of data breaches is our starting point. We will then help you to implement policies, procedure and the physical IT protection to help you ensure that you are not only protected but also compliant.

IT Support

Great IT Support isn’t about having an engineer on-site fixing problems on time
It’s never needing an engineer at all

However, until all the bugs are fixed, all the software does everything we want without a fight and all the electronics don’t wear out or become outdated, we work in the background, resolving the issues as they happen so your staff can just get on with their job.

  Proactive Support

  • Endpoint & Server Monitoring and Alerts
  • Automated Ticket Creation & Automated Fixes
  • Patch Management to make sure software updates are timely
  • Remote Engineer Access, often without interrupting the user
  • Endpoint & Server Reporting

  Reactive Support

  • Practically Unlimited Telephone, Remote and on-site Support
  • Direct Access to Engineers via a Priority Support Number or Email
  • Single point of contact for all IT related issues
  • We aim not just to resolve the immediate problem, but to identify and remedy the underlying cause

Are you confident your business could survive a disaster?

Disaster Recovery

Our Full System Imaging solution is more than just backup.

It’s a complete solution to allow you to access your business data following a disaster; be that a fire, a flood, a broken server, power outage and everything in between

Structured to meet demanding Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), Disaster Recovery from TecSec provides full image backups of server clusters, virtual environments and physical servers.

  Recovery Options

  • ‘Roll back’ physical and virtual servers by 15 minutes to recover key data
  • Provide temporary servers so you can access entire systems
  • Pre-emptive protection from malicious software such as RansomWare
  • File and folder backup
  • Offer granular recovery (i.e email and mailbox) – including Office 365 recovery
  • Provide temporary access to your data by ‘spinning’ it up into the cloud
  • Deliver a spare copy of your server to your site

  Key Benefits of TecSec Disaster Recovery

  • Rapid RTO– Following a disaster, the quicker you can recover the more you can minimise any damage caused. We deliver rapid recovery fulfilment within as little as an hour
  • Matched RPO– How much data can you afford to lose? We can ‘roll back’ your system to just 15 minutes before a disaster event
  • System Imaging – Our advanced System Imaging has been designed to deal with both Virtual and Physical server environments and can back up all data and databases, users, user permissions, software, software updates, operating systems and offer granular recovery of MS Exchange Server
  • Highly Secure– Your data is encrypted at source using high security AES256 encryption
  • Bare Metal Restore– Our trained engineers manage and perform full, hardware-independent system restores to either virtual or physical environments


Training your staff so that they can recognise simple errors and identify a cyber attack will protect your business from losing time and money. 

When you combine good network security, properly configured Imaging Backup, world leading Anti Malware, comprehensive policies and procedures with effective training, you are giving your organisation every chance of defeating Cyber Crime and of avoiding fines under the GDPR.

  • Claims are often made that 70, 80 or even 90% of all data breaches originate internally, but whatever the true figure is, raising awareness and training internally should be at the top of every organisations list to help avoid the potentially crippling effects of a serious data breach.
  • Any data breach can be costly both financially to recover and for your reputation but what real understanding of IT Security and related issues does your team have?
  • Admittedly the subject matter isn’t going to excite everyone and that is why we promote training in modules that won’t overwhelm anyone. Each module is entertaining and memorable using real life examples and exercises, which really helps when it comes to answering the brief assessment questions
  • There is no doubt that a very significant percentage of data breaches are a combination of outside actors taking advantage of insider vulnerabilities. This then enables cyber criminals to introduce, for example, viruses through a NSFW (not safe for work) download, or to send malware through successful phishing exploits.  Many of these could be avoided by increasing awareness of Policies and putting the right technology in place, reinforced with training.

Have you planned for the worst?