Based on your business’s requirements, we can provide a tailored dedicated connection of up to 1Gb/s of speed.

TecSec’s Business Connections:

Fibre to the premises (leased lines):
This connection provides businesses with a dedicated line, allowing them to achieve speeds of up to 1GB.

  • Scalable & Fast: Tailored to meet your business needs and  with speeds of up to 1Gbs, we can provide both Physical Fibre and “Air Fibre” connections
  • Symmetrical Service: Providing you with identical upload and download speeds

Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC): up to 80:20
Fibre to the cabinet is an uncontended connection that allows businesses to achieve speeds of 80:20.

  • Uncontended: The connection is private, meaning only your business has access and you can achieve higher speeds that are always consistent.

ADSL 2+:
ADSL connections use copper cables to provide businesses with speeds of up to 17Mbs.

Benefits of using our Connections:

The connection can be tailored and provide you with the speeds you desire/need.

Perfectly suited to work alongside our VoIP Telephony systems.

We can have your connection set up for you to move straight in the office and start working.

“TecSec worked closely with our team to tailor the bandwidth and speeds we needed in our office, and to set up a secure VPN, giving us access to our network and files whilst out of the office.”

Gavin Sampson, Inform Surveying