Need to be able to access your work IT so you can work from home but don’t use a laptop in the office?

Here’s how to enable Home Working.

Scenario 1. – I don’t have a work laptop, so I need to use my own laptop / PC at home (BYOD -Bring Your Own Device) and remote into my work desktop.

Firstly you need to:

  • Make a list of all the PCs in the office that your staff will need access to from home.

Once we know the number of PC’s, we will:

TecSec install our Remote Management Software onto all the identified office desktops (that need to be accessed remotely)

TecSec create each individual user and assign remote access passwords for each device to be used and issue these to the staff

TecSec help your staff to install a small remote access client on their BYOD – This allows them to access and use the office PC as if they were there, using their BYOD as a window.

Is it safe? Are my staff taking the data from the office to their home?

Yes it is safe and controlled so only the specified BYOD machines can access the specific office desktop they are assigned to and no data is transferred, you are looking through a virtual window and not storing or transferring any data.

How quickly can you put this in place?

TecSec can (by appointment) put this in place quickly and do it remotely for you, we would estimate that we can have 10 machines fully enabled in an hour (subject to access).

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