This is how you can gain continuity even if you are not currently using our telephony platform, the way it would work is as follows:

First you will need to:

  • Decide who you want to be in the initial answer group (reception team and any others required (e.g. Sales, Admin, Accounts etc) providing their full name and current extension number.
  • You’ll then need to decide which other members of staff will want/need to have access to telephony, making a note of their full name and current extension number.

When we have the have the above information our team will:

Create your company on our platform and assign a target telephone number for your system to divert to.

Ensure that when you dial out, your main office number is presented to the recipient.

Set-up the reception/ answer group (and any others required (e.g. Sales, Admin, Accounts etc)

Create each individual member of your team on our platform and give them a four-digit extension where possible we will match your current extension numbers

Install a ‘Soft Phone’ on any of the following devices for each user – PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone or Tablet – these can be company or staff owned devices.

We will then notify you when all of this has been put into place.

Your last step is to decide on whether you want to:

  • Request your current telephony provider diverts the number FROM THE EXCHANGE (recommended)


  • Place a divert on your current PBX (Telephone System) pointing your number to alternate target number that we provided to you from our platform (In this situation you will be reducing the number of active calls that you can receive / make by 50%)

Your staff will now receive all calls and be able to dial out through our platform.

We understand if this may seem overwhelming but all you have to is contact us, give us two pieces of information and make one final decision and your phone system will be ready to use through our telephony platform.

If you need any help with any IT/ Home working issues (Inc. VPN etc. please give us a call on 0114 223 8000.