HMRC Scams

Scammers claiming to be from the HMRC have been offering “financial support” throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

Below is an example of what one of these scam emails would look like.


Coronavirus Holiday Scams

Consumers have been warned to be on the lookout for fake holiday scams such as; fake caravan and motorhome listings, refund offers and travel deals.

Please be wary when booking a holiday as cyber criminals are using this to target you.

DWP Scam:

Emails and texts are circulating in which scammers are claiming to be from the ‘Department for Work and pensions’. If you are expecting a call from the DWP about your online benefit application, be aware that your coached will leave you a message on your online journal.

Covid- 19 council ‘refund’ scams

Have you received a text claiming to from the council or the HMRC offering you financial help or saying a tax refund is owed to you? It could be a scam.

As is almost the case with Phishing, Smishing and scam calls, they will ask you to provide personal information, bank details etc. Please be wary and aware that these companies will not ask you for this information in this way.