We are so thrilled to announce that we are a Trusted Partner to the EMCRC (The East Midlands Cyber Resiliency Centre).

Who are the EMRC? The EMCRC is a not-for-profit, policy led, reciliency centre who collaborate with their Trusted Partners, Law enforcement, academia and the private industry to provide support, helping businesses and organisations to protect themselves, particularly from cyber crime.

As a Trusted Partner, we have been chosen as an official provider of Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials PLUS and IASME.

When asked why TecSec was chosen to be a Trusted Partner, Jodie Nevin the EMCRC’s Police Cyber Protect Officer said:

Trusted Partners are a pool of innovative, talented and reliable cyber and IT service providers that can help organisation achieve Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certification, approved by the Governments IASME scheme for certifying bodies and are a key part of the centre’s success to promote cyber security.

TecSec are an established and dedicated company providing comprehensive IT support and innovative disaster recovery services, so we were keen to get them involved in the EMCRC after our partners spoke so highly of Morton and the team!

TecSec deliver a range of great services, as well as offering customers the support needed when coming through the EMCRC, as businesses may be uncertain as to what services are required for their level of protection to reduce their vulnerability.

Regional SME ‘s approach the Centre because of our affordable services which we provide through mentored student delivery. This is a collaboration with regional universities who identify top talent in cyber skills and work with the Centre to provide them with paid real-world client experience to ensure they are workplace ready when they graduate.

The Centre team supports that. TecSec have been big advocates of this service as they see how important it is for SME’s to find trusted ways to learn more about their relevant needs. Often engaging students’ services enables a business new to implementing cyber resilience measure, or those financially challenge get affordable support. TecSec are huge supporter of fostering this much needed talent pipeline for UK skills in cyber.

It is such an honour for TecSec to have been chosen, as one of the first companies, to be a Trusted Partner and to provide the EMCRC’s core membership with catered cyber security and governance services.