Many users save their files to their desktop due it making their documents easily accessible. As soon as they log on to their computer, the files are there on the home page.

The problem with this, however, is that data stored on the desktop is not backed up.

Imagine your worst-case scenario, you go to log on one day and your computer just won’t boot up. It’s broken and all the data stored on your desktop is now unrecoverable.

A Comprehensive backup like ours backs up all the data stored on your server, so whenever you save a file to a shared folder or cloud storage solution, this is transferred to and saved on the server. Then when a scheduled backup occurs, the server and its data can be backed up.

desktop not backed up

Another way in which data can be safely backed up is by using a cloud storage solution such as Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.

This works in a similar way to saving files to your company’s server however it is stored to your own personal space on a remote server.

This ensures that the files are safe and backed up, should anything happen to your machine. This has the benefit that you don’t need to buy your own server equipment however the data is often stored in other countries which could affect GDPR compliance and such services often charge monthly, which could end up costing more than the initial investment in server equipment.

So, what’s our recommendation?

create a shortcut

Always save your work to either an internal server, if you have one, or a cloud storage solution.

To achieve the same level of accessibility that you had by saving to the desktop, you can create a shortcut (shown above).

Simply right click on the file you wish to have on your home page and click “create shortcut”.

You will now find that file is on the home page as soon as you log on, as you previously had when saving to the desktop. That way, if your computer breaks and all the files are stored on the server, you only lose the shortcuts not the files themselves.

And remember, the desktop is where data goes to die!