A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a widely used piece of technology, which allows users to securely connect to remote networks over the internet.

One of the common VPN’s used is “PPTP” ((Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol). At 20 years old this year, it is considered obsolete, but it’s ease of configuration vs newer solutions along with being built in to Windows operating systems has meant it’s still in regular use.

Due to a number of security vulnerabilities being discovered back in 2012, however, many manufacturers no longer support the use of PPTP through their devices, with some (most notably Apple) going further and blocking the protocol entirely.

In 2016, Apple removed all support for PPTP from their iOS 10 and macOS Sierra Operating systems.

We recommend the use of more modern and secure VPN technologies, such as L2TP/IPSEC, due to them being as simple to use but keep your traffic more protected.

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