Patch Management is a MUST in all businesses, having unpatched security and feature updates leaves your business vulnerable to exploitation.

In the NCSC article ‘the problems with patching’ , they highlighted that Patching can be time consuming, interrupt work and sometimes be expensive.

With effective Patch Management in place, this doesn’t have to be the case.

At TecSec we schedule feature updates so that they are patched at the opportune time for each specific client. Our software allows us to tailor and schedule the patches to occur when there will be the least interruption to the business, including arranging for them to update out of hours.

Critical patches must be updated as soon as one is released.

If software or an operating system is left with a bug or vulnerability, this leaves your business open to attack.

Patching is one of the simplest and necessary security measures that you can implement.

Interested in becoming or already certified to Cyber Essentials?

One of the 5 technical controls of Cyber Essentials is that you must keep all devices and software up to date.

Are you confident that you comply with this requirement?

Want some help implementing effective patch management into your business? 

With our patch management you can benefit from:

Bugs and vulnerabilities are patched, making your business more secure.

Having an audit trail so know what version of software and operating system you are currently on.

Little to no business interruption because we can schedule the updates to happen when it is best for you.

Devices being monitored and checked for updates on a regular basis by experience IT and security engineers.

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