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Is your Password secure?

2019-01-23T16:41:08+01:00May 1st, 2018|

Technology is being utilised more and more, which has its benefits but also makes the risk of a cyber-attack a lot higher.

Why? Because technology is now used for anything from banking, to shopping, to checking and sending emails. Whilst making things easier, it also means we are easier to target by hackers to snatch details and gain access to all your accounts.

Here are some tips about Account security:

Don’t use the same password across several accounts – This is one of, if not the most important security tip we can give you. If you were to lose or have a password stolen which covers several accounts it will leave you vulnerable, meaning that all your banking, emails and social media accounts are under threat of being accessed by a hacker.

Don’t write your passwords down – We can appreciate that remembering a password that changes every 90 days is difficult. However, by writing your passwords down you are giving anyone who sees it the ability to log on to your accounts. Our solution would be to use a password vault app or software. We would recommend LastPass because it stores any usernames and passwords and will auto-fill them for you and allows only you to access your login details.

Create random passwords – By having a generic or easy-to-guess password, you are making it easier for hackers to guess and use your password. The securest passwords follow the rules of either having a password that uses the first letter in each word of a sentence (e.g. my Job is in cyber security it would take until 2050 to hack this password which would leave you with MJiicsiwtu2050thtp). Another rule would be to take 3 unrelated English words and put them together, for instance, By having a more advanced password, it will be more difficult to hack and access.

Don’t share your password with anyone – Allowing someone the ability to login to your accounts, puts your accounts at risk. If someone needs to know your password we suggest that you login for them and make sure they log out afterwards. It is important you keep your data safe – do not put this at risk by allowing people access to your accounts.

Have a very strong password for your email(s) – It is essential that your email account is secure. Email accounts are a centralisation of all your accounts because it is how you login, sign up and retrieve passwords for different platforms. Hackers will target your email account because it is the mainframe to everything personal you have out on the internet.

Using a password style as advised above is so important when trying to protect your identity and accounts.

Hopefully these tips will help you create strong passwords and have raised your awareness on how easy it is for Cyber criminals to get access to your accounts.

Contact us at or 0114 223 8000 if you’d like any tips on how to make your password more secure

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