Do your managers ever become employee of the month?

This one will.

It’s your password manager.

You do use one, right?

Using a password manager gives you the ability to generate and store compliant and secure passwords, providing you with the added bonus of not having to remember 30 plus passwords.

Better still, it ensures that none of your passwords are the same. And that no one will be able to guess them, because they’re completely random (strings of characters that make no sense at all).

If you or your team are still using basic level passwords such as Fluffy123, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable and your business open to attack.

An additional benefit to implementing a password manager would be that it allows your business to meet the Cyber Essentials requirement of using secure passwords with a minimum of 8 characters and helps staff comply with your company’s password policy.

For additional protection, we encourage users to implement two-factor authentication on all accounts (especially admin), adding an extra layer of security to your systems.

If you don’t have an IT service partner to advise you on which password manager to use in your business, talk to me and my team on 0114 223 8000.