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What are some password management hacks that we recommend you follow?

Cyber crime is a huge threat to businesses, that’s nothing new, but did you know that poor password practice is a major contributing factor in many data breaches and phishing attacks?

It could actually be the main contributing factor. You might already have robust password policies and procedures in place, however a recent report from Yubico and a survey from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has uncovered some very worrying statistics about password management.

For example, two in three (69%) of users still share passwords with colleagues to access information. And, 57% of people said they find password management an irritation that stops them doing their jobs, so they don’t bother with it.

If you or any of your employees aren’t taking password management seriously, you are at risk of cyber crime.

We’ve written a brand new guide about password management, revealing the attitudes of people towards cyber security and passwords and a 12-step guide to adopting a robust approach to password management in your business.

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