Scenario: You have a work laptop but have only ever used this on the office network and want to know if you can access that network remotely, say from home?

The Implementation Steps that we will take are:

TecSec remotely accessing your office Server and Firewall to install and configure the services on both devices

TecSec installing the VPN client on the staff’s PC to allow them to connect to the office

Connecting the VPN, the staff laptop will behave as if it were in the office

Use of a VPN solution can be limited by the speed of your internet connections involved and is not suitable for all cases.

Where VPN is not suitable, we recommend our remote desktop solution using a BYOD (if available at home) and the work laptop can be left in the office to be remotely accessed.

How quickly can this be put in place?

Implementation time is low and can generally be done remotely, with the server setup taking less than 2 hours and client setups taking a few minutes each.

Contact us on 0114 223 8000 to get this set-up.