October. The month of making businesses cyber secure.

Are you?

We’re calling this month Cyber Security October because we have been working on ideas and resources to help make your business more aware and robust in the war against cyber-crime, and we’ll be sharing them with you, for free, throughout the month.

To kick off, we’re launching our new guidance on creating a culture of cyber security. Cyber safety isn’t a one-person job in any company, it has to be understood and implemented by everyone. In this guide, you can find out why it’s crucial that every member of your team is cyber safety aware, understands the risks of cyber-crime and knows their responsibilities when it comes to mitigating risks.

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Later on in the month, you can expect some cyber security ‘quick wins’ which you can implement straight away to make a big difference to your defence against cyber-crime, and towards the end of October, we’ll be sharing the big cyber safety scenarios that we know from experience, many businesses are faced with every day – and most importantly, how you can deal with them!

Finally, don’t forget to keep any eye on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages where we’ll be sharing links to current cyber security trends, news and resources.

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