2020 has been the year of huge disruptions to businesses, with losses to jobs and income, moves to home working and many more changes.

However, you must look forward, working with an IT partner to implement an IT strategy for 2021.

So, we ask you to reflect on this last year and think about the following questions in relation to the effectiveness of your IT and communications::

  • What’s gone well for your business?
  • What hasn’t worked out so well?
  • And what do you want to do differently in 2021?

I know the move to working remotely has been a blessing in disguise for some businesses. Although the initial upheaval was daunting, once everyone got used to this ‘new normal’, many found that they adapted well and have decided to make it a permanent structure for their business.

Businesses have saved money; they’ve found new ways to appreciate their teams; and they’ve used their technology in new, more productive ways.

How have things been for you? Have you discovered a new, more adaptive, productive business thanks to this year’s events? And are there things that you really want to change to make it even more efficient?

If you don’t already have a trusted IT partner to help you talk this through and figure out what to change, ask me how my team can help you.

I’ve created a new, free guide to show you the 5 key things you must include in your IT strategy (number 3’s the one your staff will be delighted to help with).

IT Strategy

IT strategy 2021 Guide