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The IT problem that will affect 1 in 3 businesses…

2019-01-23T15:34:12+01:00September 11th, 2018|
2020 problem
In 2020, some of the most commonly used business software is coming to the end of its life. That means it will no longer be supported by Microsoft, and as a result, anyone using that software will be faced with several problems.

If it breaks, it’s not going to get fixed and support will be hard to come by when you come across a problem. End of life software is not compliant with the GDPR, which means your business is non-compliant. Perhaps most worryingly, end of life software is extremely vulnerable to hackers, you simply aren’t protected well enough.

What software are we talking about?

Windows 7Office 2010Exchange 2010Small Business Server 2011Windows Server 2008 (including R2)

Do you need to upgrade?

If you aren’t sure whether you’re using any of the above software, there’s a few simple ways that you can check. We have included all the tell-tale signs as well as more information about the threats of end of life software in our new guide, The 2020 Problem.

Don’t wait, 2020 isn’t that far away and the process of upgrading software an be a long one. It will take a lot of research and thought so don’t leave it until the last minute.

And if you want an IT provider that can provide you with honest, impartial advice based on what works, then get in touch with us!

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