Implementing SAT to keep data safe

How safe is your business data, really?

To ensure your business data is safe, we recommend that you implement a comprehensive cyber solution, which should include:

  • Endpoint protection/ Anti-malware.
  • Security awareness training.
  • Patch Management.
  • Password Managers.
  • Multi factor authentication.
  • And more security tools.

But there’s one element of risk I bet you haven’t considered…

… your team.

You’ve heard the saying that your business is only as strong as its weakest link, right?

Fact is, in most businesses it’s the people who are most likely to grant access to hackers.

Simply by accidentally clicking a malicious link in a phishing or spear phishing email.

One of the biggest secrets to truly protecting your business is training your staff in cyber security.

My team and I have written a brand-new guide to tell you all about security awareness training.

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