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TecSec Services Ltd are now IASME Gold certified

2019-01-23T15:45:29+01:00August 13th, 2018|

TecSec Services Limited is ramping up cyber security in Sheffield City Region after becoming the region’s first Certification Body for the prestigious IASME standard for cyber security, complete with the GDPR gold standard.

The IASME Governance Standard is recognised by the UK Government as the best cyber security standard for small companies. Having undertaken training at the National Cyber Security Centre and passed the exams, self-assessment and external audit of the IASME certification, IT company TecSec has become an IASME Certified Organisation and a Certification Body – which means the company can work with and assess its clients to achieve the standard.

TecSec has further elevated its position ahead of regional competitors by securing the GDPR gold standard as part of the IASME certification, making it the only Certification Body in Sheffield City Region to do so.

IASME Governance sheffield

Whilst many IT support companies work to the Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme, TecSec has gone beyond this with the IASME certification, which scrutinises a company’s physical security, staff awareness, data backup and GDPR compliance, on top of the Cyber Essentials criteria.

TecSec is confident that its new status as an IASME and Cyber Essentials Certification Body will benefit businesses in the region, particularly those that work on procurement frameworks, tender for contracts or operate in regulated environments.

TecSec Director, Morton Bell, explains,

“The increased threats posed by cyber crime as well as the new General Data Protection Regulation mean that businesses must do everything possible to mitigate risks, and be able to prove this. Those procuring services demand evidence of high levels of cyber security, as do regulators.

“Having this certification ticks virtually all the boxes required to demonstrate a comprehensive level of IT risk mitigation. IASME is extremely highly regarded and is recognised by the Ministry of Defence and the Government in procurement processes. We are delighted to become an IASME Certification Body so that we can help more businesses to achieve the standard.”

Operating from its offices in Sheffield, TecSec specialises in helping small to medium sized companies to protect their business information through a holistic and proactive approach to IT risk management.

For more information about any of the certifications we offer contact us at 0114 223 8000 or

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