Back in May, we all heard a lot about the new GDPR regulations coming into force.

Inboxes were filling up with ‘Please consent to us mailing you’ messages and there was a real sense of urgency to get everything in order before May 25 2018. Except, knowing what ‘everything in order’ looks like, was and still is a bit of a grey area to many businesses.

Since then, a lot of business owners, managers and employees have been adopting a head in the sand approach. This is normal and it’s driven by a genuine lack of understanding of the new law. But, the GDPR is law, and it is very much still there, despite the hype having died down.

We believe it’s only a few months till the regulator starts naming and shaming companies that break GDPR. Once they do that, the public humiliation will be there in Google searches for the offenders for years to come. There’ll be some big fines too.

We are data security experts and we have put together a simple Q&A guide so that you know exactly what you need to do.

It’s totally free and doesn’t include any legal jargon, we’ve just answered the most frequently asked questions that have been put to us.

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