Short answer? It depends on whether we leave the UK with or without a deal.

Based on advice from the ICO, the outcome can go one of two ways.

If we were to leave the UK with no deal, the ICO predict that we will enrol the GDPR into UK law. That means, therefore, that all UK businesses and charities should still comply with GDPR regulations.

On the other hand, if we leave the UK with a deal it will completely depend on the negotiations and terms of that deal. We will be writing a blog to update you all on the deal and how it will affect the UK, so keep your eye out for that!

One point we want to bring everyone’s attention to is the fact that if your organisation trades/ sends information to any EU countries, you will still be expected to meet the requirements deemed compliant to that company as they are still under GDPR or another Data Protection law.

What other laws will still apply?

GDPR– The GDPR covers data protection and privacy for all individual citizens in the EU

DPA 2018– Provides a comprehensive and modern framework for data protection in the UK.

PECR– The current PECR rules cover marketing, cookies and electronic communications.

NIS– The NIS rules cover network and information systems.

Plus, laws such as; eIDAS, FOIA, EIR and more.