Cyber-crime is officially the UK’s number one threat to businesses. As a business owner, you have a big responsibility in protecting your company, your team and your data from cyber criminals. It’s a daunting task, as hackers become more sophisticated and find more ways into business systems.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do this week to keep your data safe.

These are our 5 quick cyber security wins:

Change your passwords, ideally using a random password generator and have a different password for each service and application.

Use a password manager to make the above blissfully easy for all of your staff

Systematically delete all unused accounts. And remove users as they leave the business

Check your software licenses to ensure they’re up to date. Out of date software is dramatically more likely to be a security weak point

Organise staff cyber security awareness training. The more aware they are of how it only takes one click; the less likely they are to make a mistake. And take a look at our guide: Building a Culture of Cyber Security.

These are some of the many things we do with our clients to protect them. Because as experts in cyber security, it’s our job to keep data safe.

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