Facebook’s mistakes.

It wasn’t so long ago that Mark Zuckerberg was the poster boy for online entrepreneurs.

Facebook changed the way we connect with people forever, and he started it all from his bedroom when he was still just a teenager. Then, the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, and suddenly Facebook’s founder had fallen from grace.

Billions of Facebook users became worried about the darker side of the social network. Whilst trust in the platform plummeted, Google searches for ‘How to delete a Facebook account’ climbed.

There are some important lessons here for all businesses, which are explored in this article. Customer trust is essential. If people invest in you, you must return the favour by treating them with respect and giving them what they want when they expect it.

This is something we have been thinking a lot about recently in relation to cyber-crime and third-party breaches (separate blog to come!). If an attacker breaches your security through a partner or provider, your trust in that provider will be shaken if not permanently lost. And vice versa – a weakness in your security could put all your customers at risk and damage their trust in you. If this was to occur now under the GDPR, it would be classed as a breach.

As a controller, Facebook has the responsibility to ensure their third-party providers have the appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to protect personal data.

Your IT security systems play a major role in maintaining trusting (and fruitful) relationships with your customers. If we haven’t done it already, let us review your data security.

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