Full System Imaging Backup

TecSec’s advanced system imaging backup deals with virtual and physical server environments, backing up all data and databases, users, user permissions, software, software updates, operating systems and offers granular recovery of MS Exchange Servers.

Our System Imaging backup solution allows us to roll back in 15-minute intervals, to provide you with a recovery of all data backed up prior to an incident/disaster.

Features of System Imaging:

Our imaging software takes a snapshot of your entire server and is automatically backed up to your local storage and off-site data centre.

All information is encrypted instantly using AES256, ensuring it is inaccessible by anyone that doesn’t have the encryption key.

New snapshots are taken as often as every 15 minutes.

Benefits of our System Imaging:

Helps keep loss of data and downtime to a minimum and we can have you working on a virtual server with all your data within 1 hour and you will be recovered in a maximum of 4 hours.

An exceptionally secure way of backing up your data, as it is encrypted at source using high security AES256 encryption.

We can roll back in 15-minute intervals to before a cyber-attack or other disaster happened, which means you will lose a maximum of only 15 minutes’ worth of work or changes to your information.