The ICO recently released a Data security report which detailed what sectors had reported data security incidents so far in 2019.

These incidents include cyber-attacks, data loss and breaches of confidentiality.

We have put together a list of what we determine to be the worst incidents reported from within each sector.

All of these incidents were reported by the data controller inside of these organisations and so the number of incidents that have occurred, is likely to be higher.

Listed below are some examples and the amounts of data security incidents reported within each sector.

Incident Type:

Data sent to wrong recipient

Total: 275 incidents

Phishing incidents ICO

Total: 226 incidents

data in insecure location

Total: 184 incidents

Data loss ICO

Total: 69 incidents

Ransomware ICO incidents

Total: 27 incidents

Is your sector mentioned? Has your organisation experienced one of these incidents?

Implementing basic cyber security controls, staff training and following the correct policies and procedures could have prevented the majority of these data security incidents from ever occurring.

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