Vulnerability Scanning

Our Vulnerability Scanning software allows us to scan all endpoints on your network to find any vulnerabilities and issues that may have arisen. By identifying these issues, we can produce a report that will show you all the vulnerabilities and explain in depth the remediation steps you need to take to secure your network.

Features of Vulnerability Scanning:

Detects vulnerabilities on a network, internally and/or externally.

Will provide you with a report of all issues found across your network.

Using a brute force attack, our vulnerability scanning software will try to work out what your password is, to test and make sure you aren’t using any default passwords, for your routers or servers.

Benefits of vulnerability scanning:

Will scan your network to find any issues or vulnerabilities on your network.

Makes you aware of vulnerabilities so that you can take action and secure them.

Quick and efficient process.

Scan an entire network of a small business within a day.

We will write a detailed report on all findings and any remediation you need to do to secure your network.