Penetration Testing

A penetration Test is a form of ethical cyber hack, like a Vulnerability scan. We use this test to identify and safely exploit any weaknesses found whilst scanning a client’s network.

Once the weaknesses are found, our cyber security experts can provide you with a report, showing the remediation steps needed to secure and protect your network.

The different types of Penetration testing:

Physical Security – An attempt to break into the premises, using access cards or by physical means.

Social engineering – Using platforms to try manipulate users, such as texting, (spear) phishing emails, calling to pretend to be someone else etc.

Payload distribution – Dropping USB sticks around a premise and track whether they are plugged in, a simulation to hack into the network.

Benefits of a Penetration Test:

 This process doesn’t just identify weaknesses, it looks for security vulnerabilities (i.e. a staff member plugging in a USB or clicking a phishing link).

Penetration tests confirm the threat posed by a particular security vulnerability or faulty process, allowing our security experts to arrange appropriate remediation.

Penetration testing can help you avoid data incidents that can be detrimental to your business performance and your reputation.