Log Monitoring & Management

Log monitoring & management is a way of collecting logs from systems such as servers, firewalls and applications. It can also be used to monitor logs from applications such as office 365 & antivirus.

Log management allows you to centralise these logs and look through them for anything that may be slightly suspicious. You would normally bundle log management with Threat Detection as they both work hand in hand.

Features of Log Monitoring:

Allows you to monitor deletion or movement of files.

Monitors a users 365 account.

Monitors your anti-malware for threats.

Will flag up any sites or emails that aren’t from trusted sources.

Works alongside a Threat Management System to detect any threats to your systems.

Benefits of using Log monitoring:

Allows you to monitor anything passing through your network.

Stay ahead of any suspicious activity inside your business.

Collects logs from your servers, PC’s and applications.

Required by most Risk Management Standards.