Attention! New Phishing threat.

Cyber criminals are now sending coronavirus Phishing emails claiming they have Covid-19 information and “cures”

With the coronavirus causing people to worry and rush around to try and get everything in place so they can self-isolate, it is the perfect time for cyber-criminals to target coronavirus themed phishing attacks at staff members and that’s exactly what they are doing.

As cyber security experts, it is our responsibility to notify everyone of any new or ongoing threats.

These new phishing attacks are all centered around the coronavirus and COVID-19 but the message may be different. Here are some examples of the emails circulating at the moment:

  • Offering “additional information about COVID-19”
  • Convincing you buy a book on how to survive the pandemic
  • Asking for donations to a fake charity.
  • An email from your “manager” instructing you to watch a seminar.

Be vigilant.

These are no different from any other phishing emails, they are trying to manipulate you into clicking links, downloading malware or giving them money.

Look out for your colleagues and make sure they are also aware of these new phishing attacks.

If you’d like more information, have received one of these emails or would like to see some examples please get in touch on 0114 223 8000.