Telephony Continuity

It’s imperative to protect your business from a telephony outage. If you don’t take preventative action, you could suffer damage to your reputation and loss of business.

TecSec provides the solution with our Telephony Continuity packages. Available as a hosted or on-site service, telephony continuity will keep your company running close to full capacity if an outage occurs. You will receive calls that would otherwise go unanswered in the case of a disaster event.

Features of our Telephony Continuity:

 Automated and/or managed forwarding for primary numbers and individual DDI (Direct dial-in) lines

Emergency handset replacement

Emergency relocation

All these features have been designed to ensure continuity for your business. By helping your team to access their company line from anywhere – on any device – we can ensure you don’t miss out on potential sales or damage existing client relationships.

Benefits of Telephony Continuity:

Maximised Operational Capacity – By providing instantaneous protection from an outage event, we will ensure that you don’t miss out on potential sales.

Removal of Worry – By taking preventative action now, you can avoid being left in a state of panic if an outage event does unfortunately occur. The key is to be pre-emptive and not reactive.

Protected Reputation – When your clients need to contact you, being met with a failing phone system is unacceptable. You have to have a backup plan.