As we enter Charity Fraud Awareness Week 2020, what precautions have you put in place to combat these threats?

At TecSec we are supporting our Charitable Status Clients and promoting Charity Fraud Awareness Week as part of an annual campaign run jointly by the Charity Commission and Fraud Advisory Panel (together with a coalition of sector partners).

Our aim is to encourage and empower charities by helping you to protect your organisation through the use of open conversation about fraud, the implementation of appropriate and targeted technologies and by sharing best practice.

Charities typically hold a high volume of special category data, making you a prime target for cyber criminals and scammers.

645 instances of fraud resulting in total losses of £3.6 million, have been reported by Charities since March 2020

The Charity commission has released 3 top tips to fight against fraud, which include:

  •  Be sure your trustees, staff and volunteers can spot and report fraud.

Enrolling your staff in Security Awareness Training from TecSec, which covers not only fraud related crime but also increases awareness to many other types of attack, including Phishing and Ransomware, will significantly increase awareness of your staff and equip them with methods of identifying and reporting attempted fraud.

Training your staff and putting procedures in place so they know how to report a fraudulent claim, will help empower them when they identify fraud/ or fall for a fraudulent claim.

  • Build a strong counter-fraud culture, to boost your charity’s defenses.

TecSec are endorsed by the police and are a Trusted Partner to NEBRC and EMCRC and we can help you to implement documentation and security controls, to help you to manage the threat of charity fraud and other malicious attacks.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help your charity to prevent falling foul of charity fraud.