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Keeping calm in a crisis

By | Cyber Security, GDPR, IT Support, Training
Leadership in crisis

We’ve been seeing a lot of clever Phishing email attacks lately, where the hacker gains access to your email and plays a long game. Once employees realise what is happening, the first response is quite naturally one of sheer panic.

If you are a company owner or team leader, it’s important that you can remain calm in a crisis and can inspire those around you to do the same. In some situations, though, it’s hard to achieve calm when it feels like the walls are falling down around you. Technology related disasters can test even the most stoic of leaders and cause mass panic.

Hackers might pretend to be you, emailing your staff asking them to make a bank payment. The message will be laced with urgency and you’d be surprised how many staff will fall for it.

Once your email has been compromised, there are many things they can do to damage your business. Seeing such a situation unravel in front of your eyes will inevitably cause panic, confusion and distress. Our advice is to not put yourself at risk in the first place, and to take measures now to prevent an attack in the future.

These kinds of scenarios are common to us and we’re constantly adding new tools to our toolkit of services to help to protect you. Be a good leader and take proactive action to protect your business and your employees. Contact us to get the ball rolling.

Did you know you could do that in Office 365?

By | IT Support, Time management
Windows 365

Microsoft Office 365 has all sorts of wonderful features, have you ever taken the time to have a good look around and find them all?

We are big fans of Office 365 here at Tecsec. There are lots of ways the software can really boost your team’s productivity levels and efficiency. It is also great for more flexible working, offering many ways to work closely with your team when you aren’t sat in an office together.

Find out more about Windows 365 here..

Your employees matter…and so does your training!

By | Cyber Security, Risk Management, Training
Training your workforce

Finding great people for your team takes time, and you want to make sure you hold onto them for as long as possible.

But it’s not always easy. And if they are unhappy it’s only a matter of time before they start looking elsewhere. We found this great blog post from HR expert Vera Woodhead. It takes you through her top tips for creating a happy, productive team.

One area that Vera touches upon is staff training and this is one point we cannot emphasise enough. Not only does training empower your employees, it increases your business’s resilience against threats.

Your employees…. read on

Are Cloud email providers really secure from Ransomware?

By | Cyber Security, Data Protection, Training
Phishing attack

In our previous article on Phishing attacks, we took you through the process of identifying the red flags of a Phishing attack and how to make sure you don’t fall for the scam.

Whereas, that article focused on the process of a phishing attack itself, this article will focus on a new ransomware created by “white-hat hackers” called Ransom Cloud 0365.

This new attack uses phishing attacks to steal your email login credentials and release ransomware onto your account. This will then encrypt all your emails until a ransom is paid.

Read on…… to find out how they target you and the provisions you can put in place.

Would you or your staff fall for this?

By | Cyber Security, GDPR, Risk Management, Training
Phishing email

A phishing attack email was sent to our client recently, fortunately they identified it for what it was… an attempt to download malware onto their systems.

Would you be able to recognise the threat?

Everybody has received the junk email advising that they are a winner of $10,000,000 and to click a link to receive the payment, I’m sure we can agree that most of us would be wary and distrustful of an obvious hoax like this.

However, attackers are becoming sneakier with how they approach trying to trick people into believing a phishing email is legitimate.

Are you aware that under the GDPR, if your staff member was to fall for a phishing email/fake link or download then you have to report it as a breach?

Do you really want to receive a fine for something so easily managed? Staff training will allow them to be able to identify the warning signs and either delete the email or consult their IT.

If you would like tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of these cyber attacks, click here

Is your Password secure?

By | Cyber Security, IT Support, Training

Technology is being utilised more and more, which has its benefits but also makes the risk of a cyber-attack a lot higher.

Why? Because technology is now used for anything from banking, to shopping, to checking and sending emails. Whilst making things easier, it also means we are easier to target by hackers to snatch details and gain access to all your accounts.

Here are some tips about Account security:

How training can make your workforce more efficient.

By | Time management, Training

Human error contributes 95% to the reasons businesses are cyber attacked. Why is this? All it takes is one employee to open a phishing email and click the attachment or link in that email, giving the cyber-criminal access to your files.

One employee makes a mistake and the cyber-criminal can access the entire business.

That’s why here at TecSec we will provide staff training so that your employees have basic knowledge and will be more cautious of links and emails in the future.

We are offering a range of modules split into two categories of Cyber Security awareness modules and Compliance modules.

These modules will mean that your staff feel more confident and can identify the warning signs of a possible cyber-attacks and know the basics of GDPR. This will mean that all your staff can then answer any queries that any clients may have about any of the following topics.

Contact us at hello@tecsec.co.uk or call us at 0114 223 8000 to find out what modules we offer.

6 Simple Time Management Techniques for First-Time Entrepreneurs’

By | Risk Management, Time management, Training
Time management

How time management skills can help first time entrepreneurs.

I’m sure we can all agree that we could use some guidance sometimes, I know I do.

Click the link below for ‘6 Simple Time Management Techniques for First-Time Entrepreneurs’ let us know how useful you found them!