How to identify whether or not it is a ‘sextortion’ Phishing scam and the implications if it is.

As IT professionals, let us reassure you again that all these emails are just a clever buff.

A ‘sextortion’ scam is when a cyber criminal sends you an email, threatening to release a video of you doing a compromising act unless you pay a sum of bitcoin.

They use the embarrassing and intimate nature of the video to manipulate you into staying silent and not reporting it to anyone and more importantly, paying them not to share the video.

Example of a ‘sextortion’ scam

How did they get this password?

If this is a password is one you recognise as being one of yours, the first step is to immediately change that password in every place it is used.

Don’t be alarmed.

Most likely, a website that you have used the password for has been breached in the past.

LinkedIn, for example, were breached 4 years ago. They released a statement instructing members to change their password. Did you?

“XXXXYour PasswordXXX one of your passwords.

Lĕts gĕt straight to thĕ pőĭnt. absolutely no one has paid me to ĭnvestigatĕ about yoų. You māy not know mĕ and yőu’re prőbably thinking why you ārĕ gĕtting thĭs emaĭl?

i setup a softwāre őn the xxx vidĕő clips (porn māterial) websĭtĕ and do yőų know what, you visĭtĕd this website to ĕxperience fųn (yőų know what i mean). Whilĕ you were watching vĭdĕo clips, your brőwser initĭatĕd opĕratĭng ās ā Rĕmőte Desktop having a key logger which prővided me āccessibĭlity to yőur scrĕen ās well as cam. Right after that, my software program obtaĭnĕd yőur complete contācts from your Mĕssĕngĕr, FB, and e-mail . ānd then ĭ made ā double videő. 1st part displays thĕ video you were watchĭng (yőu have a fine taste hahah), and sĕcond part shows the view of your webcam, yeā it is u.

You havĕ got just twő possibĭlities. We wĭll explore these optĭőns in particulars:

This is a scaremongering tactic used to scare and manipulate you into paying them a sum of bitcoin.

There is no video, it is an empty threat.

Very first choĭce ĭs to neglĕct thĭs ĕmail message. in such a cāse, i most certāinly wĭll send yőur video clip to every single one of your contacts and also you cān ĕasily ĭmāgine regarding the humiliation yőų wĭll sĕe. in addition shőuld you be in a relationship, prĕcisely how it would āffect?

ĭn thĕ sĕcond plāce solution should be to compensate me $1586. Lets think őf it ās ā donation. in this sitųation, i most certainly wĭll wĭthout dĕlay erase your videotāpe. You could carry on with daĭly lifĕ like this never tőok placĕ ānd you wĭll nőt heār back again from me.

Yoų’ll make thĕ payment vĭā Bĭtcoin (if yőu don’t know this, search ‘how tő buy bitcőin’ in Google).

BTC address tő sĕnd to:


[cāsĕ sensĭtĭvĕ ső copy and paste it]

This is a scaremongering tactic used to scare and manipulate you into paying them a sum of bitcoin.

There is no video, it is an empty threat.

if you have been curious about going tő the authorities, surely, this mĕssage can not be traced back to me. i hāvĕ dealt with my āctions. ĭ am alső nőt āttempting to chārge yőu very much, i only want to be pāid. Yőu have two days to pay. i havĕ ā specific pixĕl withĭn this ĕmail, and now i knőw thāt yőu have read through this e-mail. if ĭ don’t rĕceĭve thĕ BitCoins, i definitĕly will send out yőur video tő āll őf your contacts including closĕ relātivĕs, co-workers, and many others. Nevĕrtheless, ĭf i do get pāĭd, i will erase the rĕcőrding right awāy. if yőų wānt to have evidĕnce, reply with Yea! & i defĭnĭtely will send your vĭdeő to your 7 friends. This ĭs ā nőn:nĕgotiable offer, thus do not wastĕ my personāl time & yours by responding tő thĭs ĕmaĭl.”

Take comfort in the fact that this is not a targeted attack, it is designed to be sent to as many people, as quickly as possible.

This is an email template that has been created and sold onto more and more cyber criminals, to reach as far as possible.

Top tips:

Change the password immediately, in every place you have used it.

DO NOT reply to this email.

DO NOT click any links/ attachments that may be included.

Ask your IT for further instructions on how to handle these blackmail emails.

Train your staff to identify different types of Phishing/ sextortion and malware attacks.

For more tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of this scam, download our free guide here.