Yahoo has reported a new scam making the rounds and trying to trick people into installing malware.

Cyber criminals are using the Black Lives Matter movement as a way to target people with phishing emails, luring them in with subject lines such as:

“Vote anonymous about ‘Black Lives Matter.’”

The main body of text then features text along the lines of:

“Leave a review confidentially about ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Claim in attached file.”

The attached file mentioned in the body of text is a Microsoft word document named “e-vote_form_3438.”

By just opening the document, nothing has been installed/ will gain access to your systems.

However, if you were to click the “Enable Content” or “Enable Editing” in order to view the content the document will run a macro which will trigger the malware’s installation process.

Please be cautious and only click links and attachments that are from a reputable contact/ and or you are expecting an email from them.