The time came and went and TecSec yet again re-certified to the standards BSI ISO27001:2013, IASME GOLD, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS.

We are so incredibly proud of our information, cyber and data security experts who together have committed their time and attention to making sure we maintain these standards and all of our policies and procedures are meeting the requirements.

“TecSec’s commitment to implementing the latest technologies, practices and security measures has ensured that we not only recertify each year but we that we continue to demonstrate to clients and suppliers our dedication to improving data security” TecSec’s Managing Director, Morton Bell.

We re-certified on the following dates:

08/06/2020- Cyber Essentials

08/06/2020 – IASME GOLD

20/08/2020- Cyber Essentials PLUS