Phill McManus
Technical Director

Interested in technology and computers from a very early age, Phill began his career writing software and working as an IT engineer country wide, delivering services to high profile accounts including Cadbury’s, Kellogg’s, and British Steel. He went on to work as Technical Manager for a systems integrator, running a team designing and implementing secure multimedia networks for businesses, councils, schools, police and the ministry of defence across the UK.

It was his time managing the technology for organisations and landlords around the Sheffield area that led to the forming of his company, Layer3 Data Services Ltd.

His career has been rooted in IT and technology from the beginning, with a heavy focus on understanding and supporting his clients.

Focused on using technology to understand and treat the risks to information security all organisations face; Certified as a Penetration Tester (CSTM) and to audit Cyber Essentials Plus, he is now bringing his many years of experience and diverse expertise to our clients here at TecSec Services Ltd.